About Us

Eco Energy World Holdings Ltd is an innovative renewable energy company with a focus on developing and investing in photovoltaic (PV) solar energy production. A key advantage of EEW is the expertise it owns/holds in all phases of the PV project value chain; from PV component manufacturing to developing solar sites, and from financial structuring, to construction and operation of PV projects. Svante Kumlin is the founder of EEW whom aims to develop Solar Energy beyond grid parity.

Our core business is to develop solar sites, build solar power plants and power generation.

“ The solar revolution has only just started. Today, solar represents only 1% of the global energy market. By 2030, it will be 10% meaning that an additional 1600 GW of solar power plants will be constructed during this time and the market will grow 10 times.”

Svante Kumlin – Chairman of Eco Energy World

Our History

Svante Kumlin makes his first investment in solar developments. The focus being Spain Italy and France.”


Acquired Solar module manu-
facturing plant


EEW is incorporated to merge all vested interests in
the solar market since 2007.

EEW Enters in to the UK solar market


Established EEW Russia and
agreement to develop 400 NW

Developer and sold 70 MW of
PV Projects in the UK


Developer and sold 30 MW of PV
projects in the UK


Investment in Next generation
solar modules. Entered in to
new markets in Europe, America, Africa and Australia


We operate internationally, with our management based in offices in London and Monaco. The geographical focus of our operations has historically been Europe, however, we are constantly adapting our market place to keep in pace with the fast-evolving, international solar market, as grid parity and the need for renewable and sustainable energy solutions opens up the whole world for solar energy.


31, Avenue Princesse Grace
Monaco 98000
T: +377 9797 6255
F: +377 9797 6258


67 Grosvenor Street, London
United Kingdom
T: +44 7467 149 874


Level 26
1 Bligh Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
T: +61 2 8017 0250